Work at Domaine Merlin

Work in the cellar

Tradition and modernity

For white wines

Three pneumatic presses allow us to receive grapes of different plots in one day. We’re pressing only whole bunches of grapes. For the alcoholic fermentation and maturing, the juices from the youngest vines remain in stainless steel vats. While the lightly settled juices from the oldest vines are quickly moved to barrels. Maturing in barrels depends on the potential of the wine and can vary from 10 to 18 months.

For red wines

The Gamay grapes that will produce the Moulin à Vent are macerated in whole grapes. The Pinot Noir are partially scuffed. The maceration time in wooden vats is about ten days. After devatting, the wines are matured in oak barrels for the parcels. The blended vintages are kept in wooden vats. In order to produce wines with little human intervention, time is needed. The wines are bottled at the estate by us throughout the year.

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3 cépages / 22 hectares

Chardonnay 18.5 hectares, Pinot Noir 1.75 hectares, Gamay 1.75 hectares

145 000 / 180 000

Nombre de bouteilles produites à l'année

17 cuvées

13 cuvées de vin blanc et 4 cuvées de vin rouge

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